St. Augustine Parish began in the 1880s when a Franciscan priest visited Kit Carson. Mass was celebrated in the early 1900s in a schoolhouse. Fundraisers paid for a church that was eventually completed in 1920. In 1916, Willia Rhoades donated the land to the church in Kit Carson. In May 1918, construction of the chruch began. The exact date of the first offical Mass in the newly constructed church has been lost to history, but it was either late 1919 or early 1920.

Father Alphonse Keiffer served as pastor of St. Augustine from 1909-1953. In 1950, Father Francis Brem came to assist at the parish. After Father Keiffer retired, Father Brem became pastor. Father John C. Canjar served as pastor from 1955-1959. In 1959, Father George Kearney became pastor and led the dedication ceremony for the current church in May 1965.

From 1966-86, St. Augustine Parish had six different pastors. In 1984, St. Augustine became part of the Diocese of Colorado Springs and Father James Halloran was assigned as pastor. From 1998-2002, St. Augustine had five different pasotrs, and then in 2004, Father Jaimes Ponce became the parish administrator. Father Boleslaw Kuzma served as parish administrator from 2007-2009. Father Kirk Slattery was named the new pastor of St. Augustine in October 2009 to March 2012. Fr. Carlos Gallardo-Morales was temporary administrator till August 2012. Fr. Alfredo Garcia was assigned pastor August 2012-June 2013 and Fr. Rafael Torres- Rico was assigned pastor June 2013- June 2015. Fr. Jason Keas was installed as Pastor from 2015 to 2019, followed by Fr. Roylan Recio from August 2019 to August 2020. Fr. Dan Ayers was installed as Parish Administrator in August 2020.